“What will become possible when you choose to COMPARE LESS and CELEBRATE more?”

When I was growing up, celebration was reserved for special occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Christmas, Easter, First Communion (and other holy events). Along the way of writing and releasing ‘Being UNapologetic,’ I began to realize the power of celebration, especially when it comes to getting over feelings of what I call, comparanoia. Now, I’m on a mission to UNderstand, UNpack, and UNleash UNprecedented celebration because I know that when you are being UNapologetic about who you are, and you choose to celebrate, EVERYTHING becomes possible!

UNapologetic & UNprecedented

It’s true, I used to think that celebration should only happen when something big or important happened. One day, I had a passing thought that ultimately became the opening line of my book.

“Life begins with celebration.”

And everything changed. Well, it started to change. The book became a best-seller in 10 countries, and as I continued to share it with friends, family, and followers, I started to see just how powerful celebration is. I also realized just how much I’ve actually used celebration throughout my life to create success for myself and others. I also realized the celebration is the anecdote to comparanoia and fears!

I am so fortunate to travel the world speaking at schools, colleges, companies and organizations on how to embrace being UNapologetic, to compare less and to celebrate more, and to live an Unprecedented (that means awes-maze-balls) life.

Today, instead of only celebrating special occasions and milestones, I’ve started to use celebration as:

  • a reset button – I celebrate ME multiple times per day and use it for positive reinforcement

  • a learning tool – I can find celebration even in the worst situations, because I can celebrate my awareness

  • a way to acknowledge, motivate, and inspire others – in fact, I discovered by accident that celebration is a very powerful sales tool

  • a way to measure growth and progress – I know if I go a day (or a few) without celebrating, I’m losing site of, or getting further away from, what I really want

And I’ve only just started to scratch the surface!

123Celebrate will invite you on a journey with me. Together, we will explore, research, and test the limits of celebration!

What will become possible FOR YOU?

Are you ready to COMPARE LESS, and CELEBRATE MORE?


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Davide Di Giorgio

“Compare less, celebrate more!”

It’s time.

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