You’re ready - NOW - to overcome Comparanoia™ so that you can be an UNapologetic speaker who delivers an UNprecedented and UNforgettable SPEAKING EXPERIENCE!

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So, you want to be a speaker?

…here’s, the UNapologetic Truth

If you want to be hired as a professional speaker (one who gets paid) your focus needs to be on marketing yourself and being unapologetic about it.

Your celebrity speaking and influencer marketing platform, designed to let meeting planners and event coordinators know that you are their best choice, includes:

  • A brand platform and positioning that speaks to planners and influencers in your industry

  • Your story and TEDworthy idea (that you can share in a few sentences)

  • A website with a speaking page that is strategically branded for you as a professional speaker

  • Social media accounts that are optimized for a professional speaker

  • A social media strategy that attracts speaking opportunities, loyal followers, and paying coaching/consulting clients

  • A book or other published works that position you as an expert

  • A speaker bio (there are at least 3 kinds of bios you need to have ready)

  • Speaker headshot and speaking shots

  • Media one-sheet and professional speaker kit/electronic press kit

  • A speaker trailer/sizzle reel (it doesn’t have to break the bank, and is easier to complete than you may think)

Every client engagement includes Davide’s signature Comparanaoia™ breakthrough consulting and coaching that will UNleash your most powerful message and mission that will move audiences into action!

Let’s talk! I know you’re ready to UNleash your Celebrity Platform!

Are you ready to…

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"The problem isn’t a fear of failure, lack of skills, or even a lack of confidence;

the problem is comparanoia."

David is on a mission to empower you to overcome comparanoia so that you can deliver your most powerful message to the world!"

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Don’t see what you need?

Already have your talk?

Already speaking?

Davide works with keynote speakers, TEDx alumni, influencers and celebrities.

If you have already landed your TEDx talk, Davide can consult you on how to develop and deliver your talk and speaking platform so that you will maximize your TEDx experience, views, and impact on your business and brand.

Davide transforms your already successful work into something absolutely UNprecedented!

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UNprecedented results for UNcommon people (like you)!