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So, you want to be a speaker? (The trap you’re falling into)

There are many speaker coaches out there who will sell you on the idea that they will make you a great speaker, and as a result you will get booked and paid to speak.

UNfortunately, this is one of the biggest speaking industry lies.

The UNapologetic Truth

If you want to be hired as a professional speaker (one who gets paid) there are a number of pieces you must have in place to let meeting planners and event coordinators know that you are their best choice.

Some of those pieces include:

  • A brand platform and positioning that speaks to planners and influencers in your industry

  • A website with a speaking page that is strategically branded for you as a professional speaker

  • Media one-sheet and professional speaker kit/epk

  • A speaker bio (there are at least 3 kinds of bios you need to have ready)

  • Speaker headshot and speaking shots

  • Social media accounts that are optimized for a professional speaker

  • A social media strategy that attracts speaking opportunities, loyal followers, and paying coaching/consulting clients

  • A speaker trailer/sizzle reel (it doesn’t have to break the bank, and is easier to complete than you may think)

  • A book or other published works that position you as an expert

  • Your story and idea worth spreading (that you can share in a few sentences)

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