I was the guy who didn’t party, because I had a plan. By the time I was 25, I realized my dream of owning a home. Not a dream home, but it was mine and I loved it!

Life was good. There was something, though, that kept tugging at me...A little voice in my head kept saying,

‘There must be more’

So I continued to live my ‘Yes-Adventure’ of a life and I learned, created and lived as much as I could. I even decided to, while being a full time teacher, open a brick and mortar business, because I was convinced that would complete my desire for whatever it was that was missing.

Life started being not so good. There was less time, less joy, and a lot less money. (Those of you who ever started conventional businesses know what I’m talking about)

One day, everything changed, and I got to build my dream home. In fact, I even built a second dream home overlooking the ocean and the mountains.

What changed, you ask? As some put it, I won the lightning lottery. That’s right. My first home that I had saved up for was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground. I assure you that nothing in this experience resembled a lottery win, but as a result of it, I did get to build my ‘dream home’. Or so I thought.

Dream home #1 started to feel unsatisfying, so I scouted coast to coast for the property for dream home #2, because I was sure that I had everything I could have ever wanted, except for the location.

And then, one day, as I was standing in the shell of dream home #2, in the spot pictured in the above photo, I saw a window of opportunity and clarity.

The physical home didn’t matter. The location didn’t matter. I mattered. My relationships mattered. My freedom mattered. And so I detached myself from dream homes and possessions and got clear on what really mattered. 

YOU and ME and what WE CREATE TOGETHER matter.

Content doesn’t matter as much as you want to think it does. The experience you create through your content and the way you show up for people does. ...Your WHY and your HOW will WOW ;-)