First things first. Davide Di Giorgio...

Born of immigrant parents, I was blessed with a great name! Capitals, a space, and as I like to say, a bonus vowel 'e'!

Truly, I'm every online data centre's and telemarketer's dream.

The Italian pronunciation of my name:

DAH-vee-de - That's a short e, as in the word elephant. And don't forget the emphasis is on the first of the three syllables. 

dee-GIOr-gio - Think Armani with a prefix (dee). Here, the emphasis is on the first GIO. (Now you're speaking like a true Italian!) 

Fancy, right? I usually just go by 'David', but welcome the 'old world' pronunciation if you’re willing to tackle it :)

Funny thing is, for many years, well into my adulthood, I never added the ‘e’ on the end of my name. Then, one day during a pleasure trip across the border, it came up… To make a long story short, that became the catalyst for me showing up everywhere as ‘Davide’.

Why am I telling you this?

Your life will benefit in some surprising ways when you choose authenticity as a way of being.