First things first. Davide Di Giorgio...

Born of immigrant parents, I was blessed with a great name! Capitals, a space, and as I like to say, a bonus vowel 'e'!

Truly, I'm every online data centre's and telemarketer's dream.

The Italian pronunciation of my name:

DAH-vee-de - That's a short e, as in the word elephant. And don't forget the emphasis is on the first of the three syllables. 

dee-GIOr-gio - Think Armani with a prefix (dee). Here, the emphasis is on the first GIO. (Now you're speaking like a true Italian!) 

Fancy, right? I usually just go by 'David', but welcome the 'old world' pronunciation if you’re willing to tackle it :)

Funny thing is, for many years, well into my adulthood, I never added the ‘e’ on the end of my name. Then, one day during a pleasure trip across the border, it came up… To make a long story short, that became the catalyst for me showing up everywhere as ‘Davide’.

Why am I telling you this? (…And how does it relate to how I can support you?)

Your business, your life and YOU will benefit in some surprising ways when you choose authenticity as a way of being.

Several years into my teaching career a good teacher friend said to me,

‘Davide, you are good at getting people to be their best…It’s what you do.’

What that friend didn't know is that I actually had never seen myself that way. Until that moment.

You see, my entire life has been, what I like to call, a Yes-Adventure. In fact, until I decided to do post graduate work and eventually a degree in education, I did everything in my power to make sure I didn’t become a teacher! 

A startling realization came about ten years after my undergrad degree, when I decided to look at my extensive (and random) résumé (more on that shortly). It would appear, despite my every effort, practically everything I did revolved around…creating, coaching, mentoring, producing, directing - the big picture of helping others to shine bright!

Fast forward to the present. 

...a new chapter of my life is born. I am a teacher, director, and a creator of experiences!

What you say matters. A lot. You have the potential to make a profound impact with your words and you way of being.

I was the guy who didn’t party, because I had a plan. By the time I was 25, I realized my dream of owning a home. Not a dream home, but it was mine and I loved it!

Life was good. There was something, though, that kept tugging at me...A little voice in my head kept saying,

‘There must be more’

So I continued to live my ‘Yes-Adventure’ of a life and I learned, created and lived as much as I could. I even decided to, while being a full time teacher, open a brick and mortar business, because I was convinced that would complete my desire for whatever it was that was missing.

Life started being not so good. There was less time, less joy, and a lot less money. (Those of you who ever started conventional businesses know what I’m talking about)

One day, everything changed, and I got to build my dream home. In fact, I even built a second dream home overlooking the ocean and the mountains.

What changed, you ask? As some put it, I won the lightning lottery. That’s right. My first home that I had saved up for was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground. I assure you that nothing in this experience resembled a lottery win, but as a result of it, I did get to build my ‘dream home’. Or so I thought.

Dream home #1 started to feel unsatisfying, so I scouted coast to coast for the property for dream home #2, because I was sure that I had everything I could have ever wanted, except for the location.

And then, one day, as I was standing in the shell of dream home #2, in the spot pictured in the above photo, I saw a window of opportunity and clarity.

The physical home didn’t matter. The location didn’t matter. I mattered. My relationships mattered. My freedom mattered. And so I detached myself from dream homes and possessions and got clear on what really mattered. 

YOU and ME and what WE CREATE TOGETHER matter.

Content doesn’t matter as much as you want to think it does. The experience you create through your content and the way you show up for people does. ...Your WHY and your HOW will WOW ;-)

And now for something a little different. Here is a list of random facts and life experiences that make me who I am today. 

  • In the 6th grade all I wanted to do was sing in the choir. Because I played the piano, I became the city’s youngest choral accompanist, instead. (And that's how it all began!)
  • Every memory I have of seeing shows, spectacle, theatre, and performances of any kind, always includes me sitting in the audience and thinking, 'I can do that! And I know I can do that even better!' (I was an 'all-in' kind of kid when it came to big picture thinking and creative expression.)
  • I visited Las Vegas for the first time when I was 16, on a high school band trip. (Parents, make sure you absolutely trust your kids’ teachers. If you see a trip with stops anywhere near Vegas, be suspicious!)
  • In my Senior year, all I wanted to do was perform in the musical… I was commissioned to write it.
  • I’ve come nose to nose with a barracuda during a deep dive decompression stop in the Caribbean
  • I have worked as a travel agent, airline gate agent, airport security guard, flight attendant (for 2 different airlines), and Club Med (a few times) (Oh yes…Hands up, baby!)
  • I co-founded a successful production company where we created family entertainment, edutainment, spectacular events and experiences for hundreds of thousands of people! (I forget that I've achieved this often - I am so excited about creating the experiences that I don't realize the massive audiences that have seen my work.)
  • I edited/arranged the score for a massive fireworks display for the 25th anniversary of Niagara Falls' Winter Festival of Lights (a 'pinch me' moment!).
  • I have written musicals, arranged and conducted for choir and symphony orchestra, and even had my own ‘glee club’ (it was a blast).
  • I do yoga. I teach it, too. I even opened a studio. (Yoga is awesome. The studio biz...that's another story.)
  • I am fascinated with learning how to learn. I’ve done a lot of school. (I was valedictorian, twice.)
  • I liked school so much, apparently, that I became a teacher. (Why not?)
  • I’ve pitched a television show to a major network. While we ultimately didn't get a green light, the top executives said, 'this was the best pitch we've ever seen'! (Very cool experience).
  • In 2014, I traveled to six continents. (Antarctica…one day.)
  • I’ve developed a unique program to train high performance artists physically, mentally and creatively.
  • I dislike the cold. (Being born in Canada does not mean I'm 'used to it'.)
  • I've been to the Arctic. Yes, there were igloos. The Northern Lights are mind-blowing. (The Summer was beautiful, and warm.)
  • I’ve been to Disney World several times (only ever as an adult).
  • I make a mean Tiramisu, and my Lasagna is no joke. (thanks, Mama!)
  • As an adult, I finally got to perform in a musical...Twice! (Bucket list - check!) (Although, I did also do some musical arranging and conducted from backstage for one number...)

Experiences matter. They make awesome possible.  (Are you getting this?)

When I was 20 I wrote the lyric, 'Listen to me, I've got something to say'. Now, 22 years later, this still stands as the reason why I create and how I live my life today.

Upon reflecting on a lifetime of learning, rich experiences and relationships, and the feeling that there is still something I need to say and do on a bigger platform, today I say to you:

You have a gift and a story.

Each one of you has something so unique inside that YOU MUST share with the world!

I have a gift and a story.

...Just like you. You've read a part of my story and I've shown you how I use my story as the foundation of forward success in my life.

My gift is the ability to help you unlock the door to your true potential! I will help you to use your story to develop presentations and create live and digital experiences that take you from successful to sensational!

Let me show you how to unlock your UNLIMITED life!

Choose authenticity as your way of being

Speak with meaning, from your heart

Create experiences

YOU are the key