Several years into my teaching career a good teacher friend said to me,

‘Davide, you are good at getting people to be their best…It’s what you do.’

What that friend didn't know is that I actually had never seen myself that way. Until that moment.

You see, my entire life has been, what I like to call, a Yes-Adventure. In fact, until I decided to do post graduate work and eventually a degree in education, I did everything in my power to make sure I didn’t become a teacher! 

A startling realization came about ten years after my undergrad degree, when I decided to look at my extensive (and random) résumé (more on that shortly). It would appear, despite my every effort, practically everything I did revolved around…creating, coaching, mentoring, producing, directing - the big picture of helping others to shine bright!

Fast forward to the present. 

...a new chapter of my life is born. I am a teacher, director, and a creator of experiences!

What you say matters. A lot. You have the potential to make a profound impact with your words and you way of being.