Are You Making Time For Foreplay?

This tip is HOT HOT HOT :) The ‘Pitch’ is ONE COMPONENT of the bigger picture and in 99% of scenarios, you simply cannot pitch someone without…foreplay…ahem.

The pitch is the final step in the ‘sales conversation’ if you will and essentially takes everything you’ve gathered in the rest of the rapport building part of your interaction and brings it all together to sell and close.

Those of you who have been following my Tuesday Tips will really see how last week’s ‘You talk TOO MUCH’ tip becomes critical.

To effectively close a deal you need to spend a lot of time asking questions and listening - the foreplay component. Build rapport, determine suitability, uncover the problem or desire, help them to imagine possibilities, find out the options they may have…. etc.

THEN, once you’ve collected all the information you need and you’ve figured out if that person is an ideal match you go in for the pitch. 

Transition by saying something like, ‘based on everything we’ve talked about…’, ‘I’ve got a program/product/service that would support you and your audience’ — and then deliver your POP statement…problem-discovery-solution story…and the rest of the pitch (which you should keep to about 2 - 3 minutes - avoid going on too long).

It’s not often that we are in a situation to flat out pitch (Shark Tank style like on the PitchFest calls). Take time to figure out how to lead up to your pitch in a natural conversation where you ask questions and make the other person feel listened to and supported, and then you’ll land more of your partners, deals, and sales more of the time! …And you’ll enjoy yourself more, too ;)

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