I'm Not Interested In Your Story

Despite the ever growing number of people telling you that you need to tell your story, what the vast majority of programs and coaches don’t tell you is that your story could, in fact, be losing you clients, partners, and sales!

If your story is included to elicit an emotional response OR if you include it to gain know-like-trust factor, then you’ve really missed the boat, and so will the people on the receiving end of your story.

Here’s the deal… Your story (or any number of your stories) will only matter if it is relevant and relatable in the given situation. IT MUST fit (organically or as pattern interruptor) to connect the dots from where your potential partner, client, or listener is at, to where you are - or where you want to take them.

In addition to relevant and relatable, especially when you're making a first impression, keep your story sincerely succinct. Save the longer version for interviews, your live events, and keynotes.

A story is an excellent tool to invite positive interest and pursuit - ONLY when you design it to be relevant, relatable, and to activate imagination and curiosity. So, CUT CUT CUT it down, and deliver only the most relevant and relatable bits, ESPECIALLY when it comes to your pitch.

Here's your challenge. When it comes to your pitch, boil down your story to a sentence or two. Yes, it's challenging - but you'll thank me for it when you nail your one shot repeatedly and have people asking you for more!

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Davide Di Giorgio | The PitchPerfect Pro 

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