You’re already thinking it - ‘What’s in it for me’ as you begin to read this post. Take that as a huge indicator and guide when it comes to crafting your pitches of any kind.

What’s in this post for you? A HOTpitchTIP that will get you more sales, clients, and partners.

The more people I work with to develop their pitch, the more I see this as the most common, and most critical error.

YES, your story, your expertise, and your passion for your topic is absolutely important, HOWEVER, when it comes to pitching, nothing (NOTHING) is more important than reaching someone by identifying what’s in it for them - FAST!

When you are pitching yourself, a product, program, service, or partnership of any kind, get to the 'What's in it for them' factor - FAST! In fact, start off with a 'Phrase of Persuasion’ (POP) (big impact in the fewest, most concrete - jargon free - language) that is benefit rich, invites intrigue and pursuit, and reveals some aspect of the WIIFM factor.

Craft your pitch to be a consistent conversion machine by getting to the POINT and sticking to it!

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Davide Di Giorgio | The Pitch Perfect Pro 

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