The Why-What-How Of Pitching

After a lifetime of pitching and presenting all sorts of things in all sorts of situations, I’ve discovered that success (conversion, engagement, authority) is greatly increased when you address the following 3 big areas:

1. PHYSICAL - HOW you deliver

2. MENTAL - WHAT you say

3. CREATIVE - WHY they should take action

When you balance the physical and mental and spark imagination (accessing the creative realm), you will nail the sale, elevate your authority, and land MORE of the partnerships you want, MORE of the time.

So, take a look at your presentations and pitches…are you hitting the 3 areas? Effectively? Affectively? Succinctly? Dynamically?

Always have someone coach you before your big moment so you don’t miss your one shot to make that first impression.

Every day, you are required to pitch ideas, yourself, a product or program - maybe it’s as simple as where it is you want to go to dinner, or what movie to watch, or maybe it’s a big money deal or strategic partnership…

After a lifetime of pitching all sorts of things in all sorts of situations, I’ve discovered that in any situation, a successful pitch addresses 3 big areas. When you nail all 3, you can consistently enroll, convert, land more of what you want. (Cool, right?)

What do you think are the essential areas to cover in a pitch? What would make you give a YES?

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Davide Di Giorgio | The Pitch Perfect Pro 

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