The Rule Of 3 And Why It Matters In Your Pitch

#HotTip Stick to the 'Rule of 3’ to land more sales, partners, and deals, and STAND OUT from the crowd!

You’ve created a pitch - whether it be to land an investor, partner, or to pitch your product/program/service - and you’ve shared a list of hot benefits that you absolutely know are attractive! In fact, you know that your offer is so hot, you’ve got 5 (or 7, or 4, or 10) things you simply know will push someone over the edge…. so you list them… and…. NOTHING HAPPENS!


It’s an age-old writer’s secret, and it applies to storytelling, comedy, and YES - even PITCHING! Things are more effective, more entertaining, and more likely to be remembered when they come in 3’s!

So, stick to 3 of the TOP, most RELEVANT, JUICIEST benefits or points whenever you’re listing things while you’re doing your pitch and you’ll get more response, more sales, and more partners!

I’d love to hear how you convert higher with this ONE simple tip!

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