THIS Is WHY You Are Not Converting

Today’s #HOTpitchTIP - How you’re losing deals, sales, investors and JV partners…(and the simple fix for higher conversion.)

You talk TOO MUCH! 

When you jam pack your pitch or sales conversation with too much talk, too many details, and my personal fave, too much about yourself, potential clients, investors, and partners RUN AWAY!

Less is more when it comes to your pitch. 

YES. You want to share enough to paint a clear picture of:

1. WHY you’re pitching, aimed directly (and in their language) at

2. WHO you’re pitching

3. WHAT you’re pitching, and 

4. HOW it will result in a benefit (for them).

BALANCE and be aware of the amount you share in each area. 

The goal (part of the WHY) of your pitch is for you to CREATE space for intrigue and pursuit.

Think of it this way. 

Imagine if you open the door and throw someone inside to a situation they’d consider their worst nightmare… When you talk too much, that’s what you do.

Your pitch OPENS THE DOOR so that the person you are pitching gets a peek inside, maybe stands at the threshold, and feels invited and intrigued to step in further. 

So, instead of shoving MORE into your pitch, think about saying only what needs to be said to: 




Are you guilty of trying to say and talk too much?? At some point, we all are. I invite you to sit back and experiment with sharing a little less and watch how you’ll build authority and positive pursuit…and more partners and deals!

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Davide Di Giorgio | The PitchPerfect Pro 

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