Are You Guilty Of Pitch Abuse?

I get it. We’re all busy building our businesses and on any given day, we’re checking off the boxes of any number of random activities to move us forward. Mixed into a typical day, there are even strategic calls, Skypes, and Zooms scheduled where you know you’re ready to absolutely nail a new deal. 

You are focused, you’ve completed your miracle morning mantras, squeezed in a good workout, and you’ve productively hustled your way to the big call! Nothing can stop you now (roll the 80’s anthem).

And then…it happens. You commit a crime that is so insidious, so commonly committed by others just like you that you don’t even know you’re doing it anymore…(cut the music).

You pitch TOO SOON! (See my last #hotPITCHtip on foreplay) …And you just spent an hour practically obliterating any chance of ever landing that particular deal again.

Your pitch, no matter how slick, tested, and proven as a conversion workhorse is nothing but a crime scene waiting to happen UNLESS you….



Look, the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire - the latter has MORE relationships - high quality, nurtured over and for the long term, mutually valuable relationships. (As an aside, the billionaire also does LESS overall, because s/he knows the power of relationship-leverage at every level!)

Remember, YOU ARE THE KEY and YOU effectively unlock the doorway of opportunity when you invest in building relationships. That means - talk less about yourself and your business, and ASK MORE questions about the person right in front of you. Authentic questions! Get to know the person - what do they love? What’s their story? Why are they doing what they do? Who matters to them? How are they moving forward? What are they struggling with? When are they taking their next vacation? Who do they want to be connected with (that you may be able to connect them to)?

I’m not saying that you need to get all this information before ever considering a pitch, however, I’m sure you can see how getting to know someone on a slightly deeper level than just ‘are we an ideal business match’ is a way to organically amplify your potential.

So, are you willing to step back from pitch-pouncing to allow for a little more space to build relationships (that convert)? Try it out. I’d love to hear your relationship building success stories!

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Davide Di Giorgio | The Pitch Perfect Pro 

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