THE Secret To Getting A YES!

Let me get right to it.

YOU ARE A CONVERSION MACHINE. In fact, NOTHING will convert higher. Not your copy, not your ads, not even your videos or carefully crafted pitches.

YOU are the key, and in a lot of cases, the missing link. 

When I work with people on their pitches, talks, and turning their events into world-class experiences, the majority of my work actually revolves around uncovering your authentic message, what you ACTUALLY do/sell/offer (underneath all the jargon), and the brilliance you have to offer the world.

And here’s the big catch. I always tell clients that the most effective thing they could possibly do in any of these situations (pitch, talk, event…) is to make a real personal connection, and to build an authentic relationship - at least to open the door to one.

It is in that moment (where you open the door to authentic connection) that YOU show up, and your conversion rates will soar! Combined with your personal clarity of what you have to offer, why and how… you are truly a conversion machine.

Pay attention to the heavy hitters in your industry (I mean the really good ones!). They don't speak jargon...they don't spew marketing speak. They are mostly just themselves - natural, relaxed, and they speak authentically. THAT is their secret weapon. They've become so confident and are operating so strongly in their own power that it's become second nature - and that's...well... HOT! And we want in on it - so we buy - get the picture?

Try it out. Experiment, even. I’d love to hear about your experiences, and how you’ve been able to out-convert your copy with a simple personal conversation or phone call ;) 

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Davide Di Giorgio | The Pitch Perfect Pro 

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