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The Speaker Experience at Sea Makes Victoria Stop

Global Entrepreneurs On A Mission To Make A Difference

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 11 - With over 1 billion monthly users on YouTube, more video content being uploaded in any 30 day period than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years, and well over 1 billion views of TED talks (a milestone surpassed in 2012!), the ability to speak powerfully to influence and create impact has become a must-have skill.

While 80% of startups and small businesses fail, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build successful and sustainable businesses know that effective speaking and presentation is a critical element to land funding, investors, clients and customers!

“This is an opportunity for Victoria’s entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to not only learn how to become better speakers and presenters, but to learn from 6 entrepreneurs from 3 countries what it takes to build successful, thriving businesses that not only make money, they make a difference” says Davide Di Giorgio, founder of the Speaker Experience at Sea that is making its Victoria stop on Tuesday, September 26.

The Speaker Experience at Sea is a uniquely immersive experience where on-purpose entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives set sail to develop themselves as world-class speakers and leaders of tribes.

“It’s like American Idol Hollywood Week for speakers - on a cruise” says Di Giorgio. 

“These leaders are on a mission to share their message and make a positive impact on the world. From how to build a million dollar business from the ground up, unlocking the genius each of us already possess inside, to addressing depression and how it can plague the entrepreneurial spirit - our speakers are up to something bigger than simply making money - and they want to share their experience with the world.”

Speakers also include a Financial Expert from the Silicon Valley - now a Russian native, who consults with business owners to keep more of the money they make, and a fully licensed therapist who is making waves with her ‘No BS Rapid Transformation’ coaching that clears blocks in weeks rather than years.

With the current surge in LIVE and video content, more than ever, speaking is a key element in building any business or brand. “Speaking can be the fastest way to build a business”, says Di Giorgio, “but it can also be the fastest way to break one! I am on a mission to work with people who are up to something big and who understand that working on their speaking and presentation skills on an ongoing basis will exponentially increase their ability to impact the world!”

The Speaker Experience at Sea is looking for local partners, businesses, or groups who would like to host a 90-minute speaker series during the day on September 26.


The Speaker Experience at Sea is created by Davide Di Giorgio, a TEDx Speaker Coach, Founder of the Unapologetic Speakers' Community, and award winning theatre producer, director, creator and educator.

If you would like more information about The Speaker Experience at Sea and the Victoria Stop, please call Davide Di Giorgio at 619.288.5098, or email