I have been very blessed to work with some incredible speakers, leaders, and trailblazers on their TED talks. 

I'm PROUD to be the Speaker Coach for TEDx Cardiff by the Sea in San Diego County. 

TED is a unique format that, for me, is a natural signature style. The IDEA DRIVEN talk has captivated the world - and now, with over 1 billion views, TED has truly made a huge impact on the world!

If you want to create a TED worthy talk, or if you want to land on a TED stage yourself, let's connect!


Kevin Gilbert

Activism Redefined: Speak the Truth to Spark the Change

Labels are a powerful way to control society. Join me for this journey as we explore how this applies in the world of an Activist. We will take a trip back to Standing Rock in North Dakota where in the fall of 2016 a pivotal point in world history took place which seeded a movement for years to come! You will get to experience the beauty and the horror as though you were there as well as understanding the effects of environmental racism and environmental genocide firsthand.

Kevin Gilbert is a traveling live streamer, speaker, and documentarian dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of efforts across the USA and abroad to ensure clean water and a healthy planet.

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Brooking Gatewood

Listening Like a Poet

Brooking invites us to let go of everything we learned in English class and inhabit the world of the living, breathing, perceiving poet. Whether or not word-weaving is your passion, this meditative dive into poetic listening will inspire connection with the source of your own creative expression.

Brooking has been in conversation with the world through poetry since age five. Years later — after much schooling and unschooling — she has woven her love of language, meditation, and the natural world into a deeper way of listening that now guides her daily life.

Learn more about Brooking at ArtofHonesty.com

Forrest Landry

The Accident of Unconsciousness

Considers the meaning and uniqueness of life on earth, in regards to the basis and design of action and choice, on both personal and community levels. Defines a realistic, as distinct from virtual, consideration of the nature and role of a foundational ethics as applied in interpersonal situations, and how this leads to healthier, thriving, outcomes. 

Forrest Landry a philosopher, founder, writer, researcher, scientist, engineer, and craftsman. He has a unique set of skills in large scale systems design and worked on many software projects in the business and government sectors. His most original and insightful work is in the area of metaphysics – the study of what is, what is the nature of being, what is the nature of knowing, and by what means we make good choices. His foundational work “The Immanent Metaphysics” reflects a decades long effort to restore legitimacy to the practice of metaphysics and construct a rigorous, coherent and precise statement of Ethics..

Joel Sprechman

The Secret to Living Healthy and Not Dying From Trying

Joel Sprechman almost lost an important organ in his body. He almost died, after receiving misguided, well intentioned medical advice. He takes us on a journey, inviting us into his personal life, sharing a vulnerable heartfelt tale battling a tough case of Ulcerative Colitis. 

Disease rates in the United States are at an all time high, and trending upwards. 

Media, industry, regulation, do they have our best interest at heart? Come on a journey of life, love, despair, hope, willpower and perseverance.

Learn what you can do to help your family, your neighbors, your community and hopefully reverse the unparalleled disease rates

Hailed by his colleagues as a visionary, inspirational , servant leader, and committed to his mission to cure Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis , reduce human suffering and grasp the microbiome. 

Joel Sprechman fulfilled his childhood dream of living the American Dream. His dreams were shattered when he was forced to resign to figure out his own health as doctor after doctor would shrug their shoulder, unable to help, or worse, offer treatments that only hindered his health.

After becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and medical researcher he explored numerous western and alternative treatments. Joel implemented Integrative medicine to almost fully heal his Ulcerative Colitis. Health is a lifelong journey and Joel educates and inspires through his #savejoelscolon campaign. 

Joel is the CEO and Founder of One Great Gut, a B-Corp for impact company serving the IBD community. A community of like minded humans navigating their own personal gut health journey. #YouAreNotAlone

Learn more about Joel and his commitments to humanity at http://www.onegreatgut.com and http://www.joelsprechman.com

Bianca Heyming

Intentional Communities - 50% Less Hippie Than You'd Expect
Founder and resident of an Intentional Community, Bianca Heyming shares how living with many people is not simply "Bliss, Love, and Light," but in addition a commitment to personal development, vulnerability, and hard work. 

Whether designing ecologically inspired environments or navigating the terrain of government policy, Bianca Heyming joins Emersus with one mission- inspiring collaboration through community empowerment. She received her Advanced Permaculture Teaching Training Certificate through Midwest Permaculture, and has a featured speaker at events including: Bioneers (Los Angeles), Permaculture Convergence (Malibu), TEDX (Riverside), Evolver (Los Angeles), and The Environmental Leadership Academy (Riverside). In addition she is a published author of “Guide to Starting a Community Garden.” 

She currently resides on a 9-acre intentional community, The Emerald Village, which she cofounded in 2010. There she enjoys managing the food forest, aquaponics systems, honey bees, and four loving goats and too many chickens. Her number one passion in life is spending quality time with her community mates and her loving husband and son.