TED (and TEDworthy) TALKS

TED is a unique format that, for me, is a natural signature style. The IDEA DRIVEN talk has captivated the world - and now, with over 1 billion views, TED has truly made a huge impact on the world!

After coaching many extraordinary speakers and trailblazers on their TEDx and TEDworthy talks

I am THRILLED to announce…

I will be delivering my TEDx talk in the Fall of 2019!

Follow my journey to the TEDx Stage and be the first to receive all the updates including WHEN and WHERE I will be speaking, and the IDEA WORTH SPREADING I will be sharing in my talk!


I am so excited to share this journey with you!

With your support, we are going to make a difference for MILLIONS!


Watch the talk that Davide crafted for Kelli Davis that has gone viral on Goalcast. Over 1,000,000 views (within the first week) and counting!

>> Learn more about Kelli, her work with the Children’s Miracle Network, and her vision for the world