Danielle Desiree Gómez

I'm beyond impressed with what Davide brings to the table. He was able to work directly with our speakers for our Ultimate Stage Experience to prep them for their moments on stage, pulling out their main stories and points. And every single speaker/client gave such raving feedback. His attitude and energy is positive and inviting which, we absolutely adore.

Davide brings a fresh perspective and grand expertise that helps you take your event to the next level. What he brings to the table helps catch the audience's attention, makes the points WOW the audience from the start, and flows more cleanly into the strategic points we want to make. 

Not only did he WOW our clients, he WOW'd us and I don't say that very often about anybody. 

I would recommend Davide to anyone at any level who wants to structure better events as well as speeches, both in creating material that excites and improves the quality of the delivery. 

Danielle Desiree Gómez - Serious Take Productions