Kevin Gilbert

Recently I was blessed to work with Davide to prepare for my first major public speaking engagement; a TEDx event. I usually just speak from my heart with no script, however, on Davide's gentle persuasion I broke my mold and created a narrative to use. We worked together to craft this in a way to powerfully convey my message without losing my authentic self. By preparing with Davide ahead of time we were able to ensure I produced a performance that was not just great but incredible. With his theatrical background when it came to dress-rehearsal he was able to share some crucial pointers about stage presence and connecting with the whole audience. So despite me being unusually nervous on the day, my coaching with Davide ensured that I was able to deliver a truly life-changing talk. 

If you are looking for someone to help guide you as a public speaker then reach out to Davide. You won't regret it. I am personally looking forward to growing my career in public speaking with Davide as an integral part of my team. 

Kevin Gilbert - Let Your Soul Play

Photo: James Wang