Paula Shaw

Within minutes of meeting Davide, I was completely obsessed and wanted to adopt him as my new “Bestie”. The intelligence and lightning wit, that was ever-present during his Transition Radio interview, beckoned me into a special, electrifying world that is uniquely Davide.

Upon hearing that Davide would be speaking to a networking group, in my area, the next week, wild horses couldn’t have prevented me from showing up to get another “Fix” of his clear, smart, funny, competent, enchanting self. I was not disappointed. He immediately connected with his audience, modeling everything he teaches, and they too were instantly recruited into the Davide Di Giorgio fan club.

Although he was only there for educational purposes, he could have been selling a totally bogus, Success Potion and everyone there, would have made a purchase.  He was great fun, very human, magnetic and compelling.

He teaches, that if you connect with your audience in an authentic, accessible way, they will not only hear your message, they will very likely take the action you want them to take and even become raving fans who will follow you anywhere.

Case in point…as I write this, I unashamedly admit, that if the phone rings right now, and he says, “Jump!” I will enthusiastically shout out, “How high?”

Paula Shaw - Speaker, Coach, Transition Radio Host