“The problem isn’t a fear of failure, a lack of skills, or even a lack of confidence;

the problem is Comparanoia™!”

“Davide’s keynote at our event was far beyond a talk… it was a full-blown interactive experience that had the audience on the edge of their seats. He infused humor, authenticity, and what must be years of trained stage experience into one powerful presentation.”

T. Conroy

Activist and Founder, The Idea Collective

“Davide captivates his audience! He takes them on a journey that ends with them standing to applaud and rooting for themselves. He speaks with authority and authenticity, all while being unapologetic about who he is and what he delivers. I would book him again without question.”

–A. Koenig-Ford

Co-Founder, Motherhood ReWritten Conference

"Unboring is an understatement for what Davide delivers to an audience.

I would book him again without question."

–M. Beauclerc, Executive Director/Co-Founder of the Canadian Drumline Association

Davide’s Most Requested Signature Talk/Workshop:

Overcoming Comparanoia™: Compare Less, Celebrate More.

A talk experience that will challenge your perception of what’s possible for you and inspire you to take UNprecedented action!

Prepare for the UNexpected and get ready to break through your Comparanoia™ as you embark on an interactive journey of practical empowerment.

Davide’s engaging, humorous, and inspiring speaking style incorporates hilarious storytelling and entertaining visuals with a lifetime of experiences across multiple industries–from the theater to the classroom, the yoga studio to the television executive’s boardroom, from 35,000 feet to standing in the rubble of his dream home, you’ll be empowered to break free from Comparanoia and step into your full potential!

 In this fun and energizing session, you’ll learn about:

Leadership and Success

  • The real enemy of success (not fear or failure), Comparanoia™

  • Leading with vision, as opposed to value (and why leading with value is exhausting you)

  • Choosing celebration as a motivation and growth tool

  • Life lessons from the high school music room

  • The Cycle of Comparanoia™ and how to shift into a success mindset in any situation

  • How to build up UNmessable individuals and teams that will never quit

Overcoming Change and Fear, Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Defining Comparanoia™: what it is and the UNexpected ways it shows up for you

  • Dealing with change and embracing the UNknown

  • Everyday practices to build confidence, even if you have very little to none

  • Daring to be different, Being UNapologetic (and celebrating YOU)

  • Lessons in resilience from the marching and world class drum corps field

  • Redefining failure, from obstacle to opportunity

  • Practical (and hilarious) ways to breakthrough Comparanoia™ for good

Davide UNcovered that the real problem most people face isn’t a lack of confidence or skills, or even a fear of failure; the problem is Comparanoia™, and when you breakthrough and overcome it, you open a whole new world of possibility and opportunity.

Customized Talks, Workshops, and Experiences for:

  • Middle Schools and High Schools

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Leadership Conferences

  • Youth Organizations

  • Women’s Organizations

  • LGBTQ Groups

  • Corporations

  • Associations

Davide customizes every presentation to take into account your audience and objectives. 

With Davide’s extensive background in education, every talk is interactive and can be modified into a workshop or a format that best suits your audience needs.


Davide also speaks on:

Visionary Leadership

From Richard Branson to Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Mother Teresa, visionary leaders have the ability to engage, entertain, and empower us to achieve unprecedented new heights. Whether you’re an executive or a front line employee, and educator or even a student, understanding how to lead others with vision is key to standing out from the competition and creating lasting positive impact that sustains growth, community, and culture.


  • Breaking the leadership upper limit

  • Comparanoia™: the real problem that is the holding you back

  • Identifying the big trap that derails leaders (even great ones)

  • 5 practices of visionary leaders

  • Unlocking the secrets to align your vision with transformational leadership

  • How to develop the X Factor of visionary leaders

Powerful Public Speaking and Disruptive Storytelling UNlocked

Martin Luther King Jr., Emma Goldman, Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Lisa Nichols…These great speakers and storytellers move audiences, communities, and nations into inspired action.

Every marketplace leader, entrepreneur, executive, employee, educator, and student, can harness the power of speaking and storytelling to become an influential leader. The barrier to getting there is the overload of poor information, advice, and mediocre examples we see on stages today.


  • The key elements to crafting and delivering an idea or story with power

  • 10 reasons speakers lose a room, and what to do instead

  • Breaking through Comparanoia™ to UNleash your idea worth spreading

  • Developing confidence as a powerful public speaker, storyteller, and leader

  • Using speaking and storytelling to increase sales, enrollment, and to become an influential leader

Davide Also Develops Custom workshops and experiences for your organization

“The problem is Comparanoia.

Compare Less. Celebrate More!”


About Davide

Davide Di Giorgio is the #1 international best-selling author of Being UNapologetic, a keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, Comparanoia™ expert, and a speaking and confidence consultant for students, teachers, parents, influencers and celebrities.

Davide is also an award-winning theater producer, composer and acclaimed educator. He is a certified, specialist music teacher in 2 Canadian provinces and a Territory, and was the Head of Music for a high school, and created and developed the High Skills Major/Magnet Program in Musical Theater Performance in his district.

From band to choir, small ensembles to musical theater, Davide has spent his career and life dedicated to raising the bar and being a positive role model for students, teachers, and parents.

He has done extensive research on learning in the arts and developed unique programs that he brought to Bands of America (BOA),Winter Guard International (WGI), and Drum Corps International (DCI) organizations.

Davide's uncommon approach fused together physical training, mindset, confidence, personal development, and his uncanny ability to create unmessable individuals and teams (that would never quit) to create unprecedented results. He is now bringing his methodologies to students, teachers, parents and administrators around the world and he's even applied the principles to entrepreneurship and the corporate world.

His work and message have been featured around the world on stages, podcasts, radio, and national media. In addition to his best-seller, Davide is a contributing author in Reach Your Greatness and the Better Business Book, and a regular writer for The Good Men ProjectThought CatalogThrive GlobalLife By Design Magazine and Success Profiles Magazine.

Davide is on a mission to empower everyday extraordinary individuals, especially young people, to compare less and celebrate more. His philanthropic endeavor, Project Being UNapologetic dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self-esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students.

Originally from Toronto, when he’s not traveling around the world speaking or enjoying a dream trip, Davide now lives in his dream city, San Diego.

Audience Reactions

“Davide is a change-maker in his delivery and content! He is a dynamic, engaging and relatable public speaker! He has a communication style that gets right to the point, no fluff! Davide’s hands-on individual and group exercises that he does with the audience leave a life-changing and thought provoking impact! He elevates the audience's thinking.” –B. Ham, Founder & Organizer of The Business Network Connection

“No doubt those who take hold of Davide’s message and use it accordingly will experience a transformation that will awaken a new level of success and fulfillment.” –D. Delgado, CEO Life Intended

“Davide is an incredibly gifted and passionate motivational speaker who has an unparalleled gift for breaking down the art of public speaking and making it accessible to everyone. He was able to gain instant rapport with our team through his  authenticity, sense of humor, and colorful storytelling. After Davide's talk, the team's initial fear of public speaking was replaced by sheer enthusiasm and an excitement to unapologetically share their message. We walked away with so many invaluable tools on how to communicate more effectively and powerfully. I would highly recommend Davide to any organization that is looking to up-level their team's communication and presentation skills. We have already seen a drastic improvement in the confidence and clarity in which our employees now deliver content in a group setting!” –L. Shields, Director of People and Culture, Organifi LLC

“We surveyed a number of attendees on who to bring back next year and overwhelmingly, he was rated number 1. Not only was he a phenomenal speaker, he also was one of the easiest and most enjoyable people that I have done business with.” –C.N. Fox, Director of the Massive Success Breakthrough Conference

“Davide encourages you to ask the right questions, not the popular ones in order to identify your natural gifts, nail down your why, and find your confidence throughout the process.” –K. Temple, Emmy Award Winning Sportscaster

“Davide is one of the most unique and engaging speakers our audience has ever experienced. He not only inspires and entertains, he challenges you to be more so that others will follow suit. I highly encourage you to book Davide as your speaker, I know I would have him speak at future events without hesitation.” –P. Montoya, Executive Director, ThriveUnion

“Through his amazing stories and thoughtful teaching style, Davide raises the bar and sets the example for visionaries, leaders, authors, speakers, and dreamers everywhere.” –M.K. Fallor, MD, JD, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

“Not only is he very informed, he's able to teach in a way that is accessible, relatable and so funny. His humility is magnetic!” –P.Sprague, Psychologist

“Davide delivers a fresh look at being extraordinary, standing out by being who you are, and finding confidence in the small wins in life.” –A. Terronez, Author of The Art of Apprenticeship

#1 International Best-Selling Author

“Davide charts a path others can follow to find their voices and deliver their messages in an authentic and impactful way. He will inspire you to engage the world with your story for positive change.”

Brian Tracy, International Motivational Speaker and Author of 70 Self-Development Books

Speaking Fees

Davide will make every effort to be accommodating and work with your budget. He books his engagements 2 - 24 months in advance. 

His fee also includes pre-speech interviews so Davide can customize his presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting/event. It also includes photo sessions, meet-and-greets, book signings, and free e-books for all attendees.

For corporate engagements, learn how Davide also includes the opportunity for you to give back to a local high school performing arts program of your choice. Not only will he speak to the students, but he’ll surprise them by donating a portion of his speaking fee to their program.

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