We surveyed a number of attendees on who to bring back next year and overwhelmingly, he was rated number 1. Not only was he a phenomenal speaker, he also was one of the easiest and most enjoyable people that I have done business with.

Casey Nicole Fox

Director, Massive Success Breakthrough Conference

Davide's Bio

Davide Di Giorgio is an author, professional keynote speaker, TEDx speaker coach, and leadership coach.

As one of the world’s leading speaking experts, he’s worked with thousands of on-purpose speakers, performers, executives, and leaders across multiple industries for more than twenty-five years.

Davide is also an award-winning theater producer, acclaimed educator, and entrepreneur. He’s been featured around the world in major media for his work as Founder of the unWorld Leaders Network and Creator of the Mastermind and Speaker Experience at Sea.

His book, Being UNapologetic, hit #1 on Amazon in 8 countries and #2 in 2 other countries, and has received high praise from book lovers worldwide.

Davide is a contributing author in the Better Business Book, and a writer for Success Profiles Magazine and San Diego’s Life By Design Magazine.

Originally from Toronto, Davide now lives in his dream city, San Diego, with his dream husband Heath and their dog, Galileo.

Speaking Topics

Davide speaks on the power of delivering VISION over VALUE to build influence and how to discover, develop, and deliver the X Factor of great leaders and speakers. His talks are customized for corporate, entrepreneurial and educational (educator and student) audiences. 

Visionary Leadership: From Richard Branson to Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Mother Teresa, world leaders all share one common characteristic. This characteristic allows individuals to become brands, companies to become global enterprises, and for teams to be unified and unstoppable. Davide reveals the secrets and the X Factor of the worlds greatest visionary leaders in a uniquely entertaining, immersive experience that wows and inspires audiences to take charge of their own global movements, to feel more connected, and to show up in the world UNapologetically.

This is Me (The UNapologetic Truth About Success): Comparanoia is something we’ve all experienced - often. How many times have you second guessed yourself? How many times have you not spoken up or dimmed your light because you’re not sure what someone else is going to think? Davide Di Giorgio offers his perspective on how to deal with rejection, which we inevitably have to face in our daily lives. Davide experienced extreme bullying throughout his life. From school bullies to bullies in business and even in his own family. Then, a shocking series of events unfolded that forever changed the way Davide saw rejection and his own place in the world forever. This turning point allowed him to change his perspective and his life and he’s since gone on to become a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, and leader. His book, ‘Being UNapologetic’ went #1 around the world and Davide is on a mission to share his message about overcoming rejection and life’s challenges and using them as the driver for exponential growth, confidence, connection, and purpose-driven contribution.

Achieving Unprecedented Success: Many say they want it. Many strive for it. And yet, most simply aren’t willing to do what it takes to achieve success. Davide takes the audience on a fast-paced, wild ride that emulates the rise to success of some of the world’s most successful leaders and visionaries. Learn the X factor of great leaders that allows them to achieve, while others will always fall short. Customized for educational, entrepreneurial and corporate audiences.


Speaking Fees

United States & Canada.............$10,000 USD *
International...................................$15,000 USD *

* This fee also includes pre speech interviews so Davide can customize his presentation to meet your goals and objectives of your meeting/event. Additional savings are available if you select his “Pre-Pay Option.” Ask for more details on this option.

Davide Di Giorgio will make every effort to be accommodating and work within your speaker budget. He books his engagements 2 - 24 months in advance. 

Davide also offers volume discounts on his book, Being UNapologetic, to be included in your conference/event amenity bags to be given to all attendees.

To discuss your event, please call (619) 363-0568 or send an RFQ email to RFQ@BeingUNapologetic.com