You are ready - NOW - to deliver an UNFORGETTABLE SPEAKING EXPERIENCE!

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Because it gives people a reason to reject you so that they can decide if they want to accept you...and when they choose to accept you - you have them FOR LIFE!

Speaking UNAPOLOGETICALLY from your VISION, MISSION, PASSION and even your OBSESSION sets audiences ON FIRE! 

YOU become UNFORGETTABLE and you attract and convert 100% of your ideal clients and more importantly, you become the AUDACIOUS LEADER of YOUR TRIBE!


You don't have to take my word for it...

YOU are an entrepreneur, speaker, author or expert with a thriving business and an even bigger vision, who absolutely believes you have unlimited influence and income potential so that you can, in-turn, radically impact you audience, the world, your business and your life!


Together, we will:

  • Unleash the speaking vision and platform that empowers you to achieve your business and life goals - sustainably - YOU as a speaking enterprise.
  • Discover and develop your unforgettable, unique, on-brand speaker identity (it's already in you), content and stories. From keynotes and TED style to workshops and retreats, we will identify your ideal experience formats and co-create every facet of what you need to be successful in each. 
  • Create unforgettable titles and compelling descriptions that get you booked to speak and dominating your niche.
  • Craft dynamic stage offers that compel audiences into action and convert cold leads into clients.
  • Get Pitch-Perfect to entice event organizers, conference planners and corporate gatekeepers.
  • Master onstage confidence and unforgettable, unique-to-you performance, storytelling, and presentation skills that make you magnetic!
  • Unlimited, custom, one-on-one coaching, editing, and creative support.
  • A complete Unforgettable Signature Experience talk/workshop including discovery, development, and delivery
  • Ongoing support for minor tweaks/adjustments as you deliver and test your new Unforgettable Signature Experience with your audiences.

Connect with me to learn more about creating your own Extraordinary Signature Experience!

Already have your talk? I LOVE to work with keynote speakers and TED veterans! Together we will transform your already successful work into something sensational!

Want to create a TED talk? My TED Talk coaching will support you in creating an experience that goes viral!

Ask me about VIP-Days and packages that focus on performance and delivery to maximize audience experience. 


YOU are the KEY.

Let's get started!


YOU'RE READY TO BE UNapologetic!