Lessons From Becoming an International Best-Selling Author: The Power of Gratitude

In August of 2018, I declared that my newly released book Being UNapologetic would hit #1 in 7 countries.

Australia was the first #1. Then Canada, then the USA.  

While every detail was planned out, from launch graphics to having people ready in multiple countries, what I didn’t plan for was how the book would ultimately claim the top spot around the world.

It wasn’t the launch strategy or people who were sharing about the book directly – at least not exactly.

It was gratitude. 

I noticed a pattern. When I or someone else would share about the book in a way that expressed gratitude, people would become engaged and excited, and then we’d hit #1 in that country.

 Here are three practices I developed as we continued to claim #1 spots around the world:


Being Grateful

No one really cares that you’re releasing a book and they certainly do not care about your mission to become a best-seller. 

What people do get onboard with is your gratitude. When you express authentic gratitude and celebrate others, people notice. 

Take the time to thank the people who support you and your book. Express gratitude for the people you wrote about and quoted. Thank those who purchase and those who share about the book. You’ll find no shortage of people to thank.


Being Public

When you release a book, your name is on the cover. You are, by default, already in the spotlight. What if you took the opportunity to actually bring others into the spotlight with you? 

I invite you to do this publicly. Not simply for the sake of being public. There’s a not so fine line between between being public for the sake of it (which comes across as noise) and being public because you truly want to shine the spotlight on others.

Being public is being a leader. Show others what it looks like to be an authority. Leverage your authority to build a community of followers who believe what you believe and you will also grow your business.


Being UNwavering

Not surprisingly, the whole world isn’t going to care that you’ve written a book. Some may even feel you’re boasting about your newfound public authority and perceived success.

You won’t always get feedback, even from your fans. In fact, in most cases you may not get any feedback at all.

You didn’t write a book for feedback – and if you did, you’ve written the book for the wrong reason.

Practice being UNwavering in the vision you have to positively impact others. Be UNwavering in the belief that what you offer the world is powerful.

Most importantly, be UNwavering in your role as the Chief Ambassador of your message and your vision.

Using these three practices, Being UNapologetic hit #1 in eight countries and #2 in two others. 

Now, through the book, I’m on a mission to empower you to do the same with your message, mission, and vision! Are you ready?